Committed to a Healthier Life on a Healthier Planet



Evergreen Bio Products (EBP) is an inspired partnership curating everyday practical products for consumers wanting to have an environmental impact in their choices.

It is our mission is to source worldwide products that are
making it easier to do the right thing, are ecologically sound
throughout their lifecycle and are inspiring change. 

As active members in their communities for over 30 years, Tom in the restaurant industry in Toronto, and Kristi in the community and development of Whistler, each found the impact of waste and its management to be inefficient, and negatively affect the natural beauty of the landscapes and living environments.

That’s where Evergreen Bio Products (EBP) enters the game.

We at EBP welcome new ideas, start-ups and established companies looking to enter new markets and embrace the EBP commitment to live a healthier life on a healthier planet.

Thank you for being part of this positive and hope-filled journey